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SelfieMark -Share Selfie Polls


Make your Mark using selfie on the world: Share your selfies and images what you love, what you see, and what is important!Your world is incomplete without your friends, and SelfieMark helps you quickly poll the people who know you best. When you have to decide between two things—from profile pictures to interview outfits— SelfieMark lets you post selfie side-by-side and ask your friends to pick their favorite.
SelfieMark – Express yourself. It’s your better half! Always be the first to know! From what to wear to school, work, and night out with friends to discovering the next edgiest fashion, food, travel, selfie, make up and passion. Take selfies, crop, edit, engage and meme up your images to share with friends and followers. SelfieMark will let you rate, share and compare side-by-side two images for instant feedback on everyday important choices.
Poll your friends, followers and yes, even the whole world. It’s completely private where you can control who sees your selfies and feed when you want to!
Here’s what we’ve got:• Post a selfie -- or anything else you love -- and share with your friends and family• Use our polls to ask your friends (or the whole world) to pick between two selfies or images and get feedback on what matters to you.• Discover new trendsetters amazing photos and most popular selfies.• Real-Time Engagement: Heart images, use emoticons, hashtags and location tags to share your experience.• Optimize Conversations: Find users, and discussions by hashtags, stay current.• Tag Friends: Keep your selfies in the loop.• Private Sharing: Control who sees your content.• All-In-One Camera: Camera feature and photo editor with effect enhancement capabilities.• Side-By-Side Polling: Get valuable feedback on what’s hot or not.• Meme Generator: Create your own meme or caption along with selfies and polls.
SelfieMark is the smarter way to share your selfies, passions, and interests plus you can control your life choices. Download now to start getting your SelfieMark on!
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